About Sarah Jane

I have been a dog lover for my entire life. However, I was only able to get a dog after I suffered a minor nervous breakdown. In May 2015, I could not leave my house without having panic attacks. As you can imagine, I became very isolated.

Then, my wonderful mother had the idea to get me a dog. The dog she picked was the (at the time) five and a half month old Westie cross Maltese puppy, Buddy, pictured opposite. When he arrived, he was the most scared little dog I have ever met! He had previously been bought by someone else, but was taken back to the kennels after just a few weeks, so he did not trust that he was going to live with my mother and I permanently. It took him upwards of a year to realise that he was not going anywhere, that he had found his forever home. 

I took him to a training class that had been recommended to me by a friend. When we got there, he did not behave himself, so we were asked to leave the class after just five minutes!

I then contacted another trainer, one I found online. She came out to our home, but I was not happy with her training techniques, as she recommended using positive punishment (the addition of something in order to decrease the likelihood of a behaviour happening again). This frightened Buddy.

After that experience, I decided to train him myself. So, I decided to go on a course run by the star of It's Me or the Dog, Victoria Stilwell. Whilst on the course, I found that I very much enjoyed training dogs - I loved seeing a dog do something that I had taught.